Rhythm Trainer iPhone App
The Rhythm Trainer is a revolutionary educational tool for all musicians. It combines a highly advanced metronome and a rhythmic sequencer all into one package.


Time Signatures

The Rhythm Trainer has the widest range of time signatures on the market. Anything from 1/4 to 21/16 can be programmed.

Accents and Rests

This feature allows users to add accents and/or rests to any subdivision of a given note rate yielding endless possibilities. This is an exclusive feature to the Rhythm Trainer.


With the Rhythm Trainer you have the power of your rhythmic and musical development. You are able to save a bar or composition that you are working on and come back to it later to edit it once you are ready for something new. No more trying to remember what you did last time.

BPM Control

The Rhythm Trainer contains a wide range of tempos, from 30 to 350 beats per minute.


With the Rhythm Trainer you have the power to create endless rhythmic compositions, keeping you busy and inspired for months and years to come.

Endless Possibilities

The Rhythm Trainer is virtually limitless in its functionality. You will be able to program any rhythm you have in your head and discover new ones at the same time that you might never have thought to play with a traditional metronome.